Lydia Uzzell Interior Design is a full-service design and procurement firm based in the Cayman Islands. We work throughout the Caribbean and the US on both residential and select commercial projects.

Our projects run the gamut from new construction to renovations and furnishings only, but we specialize in working ‘from the ground up’. By taking on projects in the early stages and working with both client and architect, we ensure a truly well thought out, cohesive finished result from tile, paint and flooring, to every piece of furniture and decor.

In business since 2009, we cherish the trust of our clients. It’s no small thing to give a design firm the visual and functional fate of your home – not to mention your investment in that fate. We take that seriously and work at every turn to handle your project with the greatest care, ensuring you avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes.

With our expertise and a little sense of adventure, you can discover how amazing it feels to live in a space custom designed exactly the way you want it – only better!

Instagram post 2188815508038687472_299721628 Seriously digging all the live music in this town! I didn’t catch video of the singer but wow she’s amazing. @bonbonvivant
Instagram post 2187359645843227393_299721628 It’s been a tough year for our family - so my goal has been to see the joy in the here and now, rather than waiting to see it once the storm has passed. There’s always a storm. So I’m thankful, thankful for being able to see the beauty in every day, thankful for amazing friends and family who keep us sane and remind us how good people can be, and I’m thankful for the little things - like how amazing are my freaking hands and all the things they do for me on a daily basis! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. ❤️
Instagram post 2186683036140178399_299721628 Sign me up please! I’d happily spend a week at the new @waldorfastoriamaldives - so dreamy. ❤️
Instagram post 2183067689235401990_299721628 Throwback back to this cool kitchen we designed in Salt Creek, those beams. 😍