People fascinate me. How they think, what they love, what makes them smile.  The best design does more than capture a person’s attention – it prolongs the encounter, compelling that person not only to notice, but to be influenced in some way. I believe a well designed home, customized around the unique ways in which we live, positively impacts our quality of life. That’s why my favorite part of being a designer is creating beautiful homes that function perfectly yet individually.

Born and raised in New Zealand to Dutch parents, my work is greatly influenced by my international upbringing, my ongoing world travels, and my love of all things design related. After working for large design firms for eight years, my wanderlust led me to Cayman, where I opened my own business in 2009.

I now live with my husband and two dogs in a lovely island cottage. Together we enjoy hosting dinner parties, travelling to inspiring places, and the relentless pursuit of the perfect pizza!